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Home Staging, home & Office Styling, Room-Lifting

Our team puts a sensitive touch into best preparing your property for sale or rent. We stage your property, so it can sell more quickly and more profitably. We also help you find out your individual happy living profile, create your living and office space and bring order and structure into your home. 


VIDAG - Transport Service Vienna

From simple furniture transport to moving a whole apartment or a house - we carry out your transport projects in a reliable, inexpensive and efficient way.  We offer a  domestic  and  international service within the EU. We guaranty a timely and secure transport of your goods.



The best Austrian furniture tradition in Austria is represented by WITTMANN. The company has been a vital part of the Austrian furniture industry for over 100 years. “Wittmann is for life” goes the company’s credo and it reflects the stress on sustainability and longevity of its products. Wittmann leather sofas and chairs reflect simplicity and timelessness. This is a result of the process of leather processing according to the traditional recipes. Wittmann has also gained its reputation for its extremely comfortable high quality beds.Wittmann products can be a fine complement to any kind of décor. We offer to introduce you to the Wittmann showrooms in Vienna or to take you to the Wittmann factory sales in Etsdorf am Kamp to let you comfortably choose your favourite items.

Roche Bobois

Roche Bobois is a French company whose roots go back to the ‘50s. Roche Bobois marked its name among other renowned furniture brands as a designer, original and dynamic brand. The company launches new products every six months. Among its products you can find the sofas designed by Jean Paul Gaultier or Missoni as well as customized, unique pieces adaptable to your every need. Each piece of Roche Bobois furniture reflects its unique, creative character and the personality of its creators. The choice of high quality materials, colors and finish depends on the customer. Roche Bobois has been present in Austria since 2009 catering to the exclusive needs of its customers. M&N HF wishes to introduce its customers to Roche Bobois.

Blaha Office Furniture

Blaha is a specialist in the design of work spaces. Our offer is not to provide solutions but to work best for each, individual customer.

Blaha office idea center

Presentation and communication skills in a new dimension

Blaha sets new standards for consultation, planning and presentation with the idea of ​​office center in Korneuburg where, unique in Austria, some office and innovative workplace solutions are presented on over 3,500 sqm. The office center idea is a communication and information center for all those interested in the topic of Office and is also available as an event center.



Kler SA is an exclusive furniture manufacturer that for many years has been one of the leading furniture brands on the Polish market. Kler offers not only furniture, but also a complete interior design concept – ranging from upholstered furniture, chests of drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, carpets, bed covers, cushions to a collection of lamps and ceramic decorations.

Kler is a brand of custom-made furniture where every customer can influence the choice of size, colour and type of upholstery. Every item must be perfect and for its production only the newest technologies and the most advanced machines are used. However, the use of handwork is necessary in order to achieve the final effect of high quality. The founder of the company, Piotr Kler, knows that no machine can replace man and above all the heart which he puts into production of furniture. The cooperation with M&N opens the doors to become known in the Austrian and international market.


Klose was founded in Germany but over the years the whole manufacturing has been moved to Poland. Klose is one of the leading brands on the Polish furniture market. The company puts stress on the use of natural materials such as natural Polish wood such as oak, beech, nut or cherry. The interior furnished by Klose is simply elegant, versatile, and a place to relax and enjoy. M&N HF seeks cooperation with KLOSE to successfully introduce the brand to the Austrian market. www.klose.pl

Stani Polsterei

Stani Wisniowski Polsterei is a Polish-owned, Vienna based upholstery. They have been in business for 13 years working to the satisfaction of the most demanding customers. Their motto is never to turn down a customer. They specialize in customized and diversified services ranging from repairing a broken chair to providing the interior decoration in theatres.  Their work can be described as excellent, efficient and reasonably priced. We hope to makes our customers satisfied with help of our partners.

G. Kacer

Kacer is the name of the Viennese upholster carrying on a tradition for three generations, situated in the heart of the 18the district. The company has grown and developed with the city, but maintained its high standards and the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. The apprentices have been trained in handwork using the traditional methods and materials. You can have your furniture repaired or restored to its original shape or completely reupholstered. Apart from upholstery service, the company offers a complete package of diversified home services such as floor or window fitting, curtains, railings and others. We will be happy to make your home beautiful with the help of our partners.

Ehemann zu Mieten

We do various jobs in and around the house, from the hanging of the pictures to furniture assembly, gardening, transportation and small changes of residence.

No matter how big or small the job is, we change a light bulb or clear out the basement, every inquiry is welcome.