Frequently asked questions

About  items
How do I choose furniture?

We do research of the required items for you both online and in shops. You can then make your choice on the basis of our information.

How is furniture delivered to my house ?

We use our partner transport companies or services offered by furniture shops and we arrange it according to your convienience.

What is the procedure ?

You will be contacted and a list of required items and services are made for you. The budget, time frame and prefered way of contact are set according to your wishes.

About services

Services such as furnishing an apartment or a house are calculated on a lump sum basis, smaller services are calculated on an hourly basis.

About waiting time (important for expats/newcomers to Vienna)
How much time must a customer wait for the delivery of furniture ?

If it is a single item from the local brands the lead time can be from one week up to 8 weeks. If it is a set from our Polish partners, it might take up to 10 weeks due to production and transport conditions.

About payment

We request the payment of 50% deposit at the start of the project and the rest after finishing our services.

What methods of payment are possible?

The payment can be made either in cash or by bank transfer.