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von Dienstag, 2. September 2014, 14:40

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Mein Partner geht ins Ausland. Und ich gehe mit. Über das Leben von Expat-Partnern.
Gestaltung: Kristin Pfeifer. Moderation und Redaktion: Marie-Claire Messinger

Margarete Hlinicky, Mathematikerin
Margaret Furuta, M&N Home furnishing, www.viennahomefurnishing.at
Michael Lee, Selbständiger
Jan Riepl, Expat Center der Wirtschaftsagentur Wien



Hanga Kunst im Art Club of the Vienna International Center

New Step by Step Guide

makes international student life in Vienna easier
By Oliver Rosenauer

International students encounter a great deal of challenges when they decide to study abroad. Aside from the usual language barriers there are a series of questions related to jobs, university registration concerns and how to settle into life abroad ....

Read the whole article here.

About Step By Step

Hanga Kunst im Art Club of the Vienna International Center
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Women's Career Network Vienna

reported M & N Vienna Homefurnishings exhibition 'THE BEAUTY OF JAPANESE PRINTING' at the Art Club of the Vienna International Center, and our love for traditional Japanese Hanga art.

Read more in WCN-Newsletter (PDF 1,2MB)

Margaret Furuta on Fizz Powertalks

I was very excited to be guest at this inspiring event. Verne Harnish explains how to master the Rockefeller Habits to achieve your goal. Watch it! You'll get something out of it!

Hanga Art

Report on www.austriantimes.at about M&N Vienna Home Furnishing:

"Last Chance to see “The Beauty of Japanese Printing“ in Vienna. To create a picture, Japanese moku hanga artists use elaborate techniques of carving metal, stone plate, wood or stencilling a silk screen...... (mehr)"

Expat Center - A Service offered by the City of Vienna

The Austrian Independent

We are pleased about this beautiful review in The Austrian Independent.