Hanga prints at the Polish- Austrian Culture Association TAKT

On November 09.2013 Hanga prints were presented at the Vernissage at the seat of the Polish-Austrian Culture Association TAKT. At this unique Vernissage there were also presented works of a leading Polish painter, Kaja Solecka under the title Verwandlungen ( Transformations).Two very different art forms gathered a very diverse public,Polish, Austrian, French, American among others. Once again art became a cross- cultural connection uniting public of different background and tastes who unanimously acclaimed both art forms. Art is a matter of taste yet both Japanese and Polish art received equally warm appreciation from our public.

Hanga prints in Metcha Matcha Cafe in Vienna

Our  new Japanese Hanga collection is  now for sale at the new Metcha Matcha Cafe, Operngasse 23, 1040 Wien.  We attended the opening event on August 23 and you can find the photos from the event right here.  Please check out our Galleries for more information about the prints!

"The beauty of Japanese printing"


From November 19 to November 30, 2012, M&N HOME FURNISHING presented the second exhibition “ The beauty of Japanese printing” at the Japan Information and Cultural Centre at the Embassy of Japan.

The Opening event gathered many international guests and was seen by many more viewers highly appreciative of the presented works of art. M&N Home Furnishing will continue its cooperation with The Japan Information & Cultural Center and the promotion of the Japanese Art.



M&N HOME FURNISHING was honored to hold the first exhibition of Japanese traditional HANGA prints. The exhibition took place at Vienna International Center from August 13. - August 24. 2012. The event sparkled  great interest in the Japanese art among the international community of the United Nations and received the best reviews. 

The exibition was closed by the Vernissage attended by international guests from business and diplomatic circles.

We hope that this successful event will lead to more awareness and appreciation of Japanese art.